Law company "Alex Tim & Partners" provides complex of legal services in Ukraine and abroad.

Our company has experience in the development of schemes, registration of transnational corporations and holding companies in more than 100 jurisdictions around the world.

We offer a full complex of services that help our clients to ensure compliance with current legislation and effectively resolve possible legal disputes with various subjects of law. Our comprehensive approach helps you to optimally solve difficult legal issues in view of the strategies and objectives of your business.

We provide following services:


Uslugi za rubej
  • Consultations on working with companies with a minimum tax;
  • International tax planning and business modeling;
  • Registration onshore and offshore companies;
  • Sale of ready-made (shelf) companies;
  • Legal support of opening bank accounts in Ukraine and abroad;
  • Nominee service, secretarial services, virtual office services;
  • Audit services;
  • Legalization of documents by stamp Apostile for businesses anywhere in the world;
  • Assistance in choosing and buying of real estate: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece;
  • Consultations and assistance in obtaining immigration (residence permit): Czech Republic, Slovakia.


  • Consultation on the establishment of enterprises of all forms of ownership in Ukraine;
  • Registration of enterprises all forms of ownership and representative offices;
  • Preparation, registration, maintenance of contracts and contracts for foreign economic activity enterprises;
  • Consultations on corporate law;
  • Support of investment, registration of foreign investments;
  • Representation in courts and other government bodies;
  • Registration of trademarks and copyrights;
  • Support of real estate transactions;
  • Subscription legal service of companies.
Uslugi Ukr



  • Conducting cases in courts of civil, economic, administrative disputes;
  • Consultation, preparation of documents to the European Court of Human Rights;
  • Preparation of arbitration agreements and clauses;
  • Conducting cases in the ICAC at the UCCI.


  • Legal consultations on family, housing and civil law.

Legal subscription services – you get an opportunity to consult with our experts on all matters of commercial law, and to receive written consultations on the current legislation of Ukraine.

Legal subscription services – does not restrict you in any way by the number of received legal consultations or the time to receive them.

Legal subscription services – it's efficiency, professionalism, attention and confidentiality.

Legal subscription services – our best specialists are working for you.