Company Incorporation in Ukraine

Company Incorporation in Ukraine


Our Company will help you to start and develop your business in Ukraine.

We provide following services:

Registration of companies in Ukraine:

  • Preparing and drawing up of full package of constituent documents;
  • State registration and re-registration of companies of all property forms on registry key – private companies, limited liability companies, public limited companies, private limited companies, including companies with foreign investment;
  • Opening of accounts in banks;
  • Registration of alteration in constituent documents of company.

Registration of representative offices and subsidiaries of foreign companies in Ukraine:

  • Preparing of documents necessary for registration and organization of activity of foreign representatives, subsidiaries of foreign companies and other subdivisions of non-resident companies on the territory of Ukraine;
  • Receipt of Certificates of Incorporation at Ministry of Economics of Ukraine;
  • Documents legalization at embassies of foreign countries in Ukraine;
  • Selectionnormative basis regarding investment matters, employment, receipt of benefits, etc.;
  • Registration at tax authorities;
  • Opening of accounts in banks.

Accompaniment of economic activity of companies:

  • Receipt of decision of Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine about consent for creation, reorganization (amalgamation, joining) of subjects of business activity;
  • Receipt of licenses and permits for carrying out of some kinds of business activity;
  • Paper work for registration of author’s rights on using of trade marks and other products of intellectual property;
  • Elaboration, analyze and expert value of contracts and other legal documents;
  • Legal advice and preparing of documents on matters of making ofpurchase and sale, pledge, rent and privatization contracts; expert value of state and legal ownership;
  • Subscriber legal service;
  • Legal advice on field of foreign-economic operations, including matters of using of currency legislation of Ukraine and Decrees of Ministry Cabinet of Ukraine;
  • Preparation and legal examination of foreign-economic contracts;
  • Representing o interests of companies at judicial authorities and bodies of executive power, solicitation at Economic Courts and Courts of Appeal, International Commercial Arbitration Court at the Ukrainian CCI; prejudicial adjustment of disputes.

Services rendered for physical persons:

  • Registration of private entrepreneurs;
  • Legal advice on choosing of system of taxation;
  • State registration at Tax Authorities, Administration of Statistics and Public Funds;
  • Receipt of permit for seal making;
  • Opening of accounts in banks.