Company Incorporation Worldwide

Company Incorporation Worldwide


Our company has experience in the development of schemes, registration of transnational corporations and holding companies in more than 100 jurisdictions around the world.

We can help you to start or develop your business abroad, as well as through the proper use of international business tools, offshore and onshore companies to increase revenue of your company.

We provide following services:

Registration of companies abroad:

  • Registration of onshore and offshore companies;
  • Sales of shelf companies;
  • Consultations on working with companies with a minimum taxation;
  • International tax planning and business modeling;
  • Legal support for opening bank accounts in Ukraine and abroad;
  • Nominal service, secretarial services, virtual office services;
  • Legalization of documents stamped by Apostille for businesses anywhere in the world.

Key Features of offshore companies

There are five basic characteristics of offshore companies:

  1. Offshore companies are non-resident in relation to the country where they are registered, which means that its center of "control" is abroad. Commercial operations of offshore companies are held outside the jurisdiction where it is registered;
  2. Offshore companies are generally exempt from the principal amount of the taxes, or this amount is relatively small, or pay a small annual registration fee;
  3. Simplified procedure for the registration and management of the company. You can use the nominal owners and directors. Requirements for general meetings and conduct of boards of directors have a formal nature;
  4. The exchange control for offshore in the country of incorporation is easier, or not at all, financial reporting requirements are minimized. Audit with some exceptions generally are not required;
  5. Ownership of offshore companies are carried on an anonymous basis with high guarantees of confidentiality. Confidential nature of ownership of offshore companies is guaranteed by common legal standards and laws of the jurisdiction in which incorporated an offshore company. However, to register an offshore company in any jurisdiction, without revealing the ultimate beneficiary is not real. After all, the documents of the beneficiary (including international passport or an internal passport) for the registration of the company is still required, even if it uses the full nominee service (directors and shareholders of his company will be employed local residents). Nominees need to know the ultimate beneficiaries for their own safety, in order not to take other people's "sins".

One of the most popular purposes of an offshore company is to optimize taxes. With the right structured an offshore company can also achieve the following benefits: protection of property, anonymity and confidentiality, cost optimization, lighter reporting requirements and bureaucracy;

Not only Ukrainian and Russian companies optimize tax payments through offshore companies, but also many world-known western companies.


austria Austria

annd Andorra

antigua Antigua

bgm The Bahamas

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vg BVI

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canary islands Canary Islands

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The list of offshore jurisdictions approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine "On the list of offshore zones".