Panorama Sk 1m Slovakia is a member of the UN, European Union, part of the Schengen Agreement and the euro area. In 2009 moved to the euro.

According to the study of the German Chamber of Commerce, about half of German investors consider Slovakia as the best place to invest. Slovakia is in 19th place ranking among the most competitive economies in the world and takes fourth place in post-communist countries of Eastern Europe.

Slovakia is famous for its picturesque nature and unique historical and cultural monuments: castles, manors and fortresses with unique centuries-old architecture. Most of the country is mountainous, so this is an excellent choice for fans of winter ski holiday.

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Basic information about Slovakia

Area: 48.845 km ²

Neighboring countries: Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Austria.

Population: 5,424,925 people

Political system: parliamentary republic.

Capital: Bratislava

Official language: Slovak, a lot of people understand Russian.

Tome zone: Central European Time (GMT +1).

Climate: Temperate continental with a distinct altitudinal zonation. The average July temperature is 19-21 ° C in the plains, and 8-12 ° C in the mountains, in January, 1-4 ° C in the plains and up to -10 ° C in mountainous areas.